About Us

Artemis Associates is a bespoke business and management consultancy.

With twenty six years of experience in the Middle East, the company offers advice to private individuals and corporate entities wishing to relocate, expand, or liquidate their assets and business interests in the UAE.

The Artemis team have backgrounds in law, intellectual property and finance, offering the client a wide variety of services including:

- advising on company incorporation, both onshore UAE, and in offshore jurisdictions
- assisting in the sale, purchase and liquidation of companies
- assisting in completing UAE government agency formalities, such as immigration procedures, license application, renewal and cancellation, property registration, intellectual property registrations and protection, and marriage formalities
- assisting in creating appropriate corporate structures
- identifying corporate service partners relating to legal, auditing and recruitment requirements
- assisting in the relocation of key executives to the region
- advising on cultural sensitivities and business conduct appropriate for the region

Business size

1-10 employees