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PRIMA MARINE ||||||||||||||| The Global Bunker Trader
(Your Prima Oil Trading Partner)

Basking in the warm glow of 21st century where oil is the hot-cake of global market, bunkering is the industry that is the rising star of world economy. Standing in between the Energy and shipping industry, bunkering demands three P’s i.e. Price (to be low), Perfection ( in services ) and Precision ( of the specification of the product).Here comes PRIMA MARINE as the custodian of best of these three Ps. For some, bunker trading is stereotype trading of POL products, for some it is a way of making money while for others it is an end in itself. But for PRIMA MARINE, bunker trading is an evolutionary field with not just one purpose; in fact, it is all about win-win situation for all the sides engaged in trading with it.

The actual history of PRIMA MARINE dates back to 1966 in the form of physical supply in Pakistan with the name, FASIAL MARINE OIL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, as the initiator and originator of bunkering in Pakistan ( the sister concern of PRIMA MARINE ).Before, the bunker trading of PRIMA MARINE was just confined to the business growth in Pakistan and its trading activities were most linked with, but not limited to, bunker supply on the ports of Pakistan i.e. Port of Karachi and Port Muhammad Bin Qasim. With the passage of time it realized its potential in the field of trading and decided to step in the global milieu. With vast technical know-how of the bunkering field, the senior management of PRIMA MARINE decided to usher in the era of Trading Bunkers Globally. Then, the idea was realized in the shape of PRIMA MARINE F.Z.E (DUBAI) , established in 2003 . Thereafter, the trading activities took a jump-start and spread in all directions of the world with offices opened across three continents of the globe and now it has earned a good reputation in Bunker Trading Houses as well as Ship Owners and Charters.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence